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How to Store Cast Iron for Camping — Great Tips!

How to Store Cast Iron for Camping — Great Tips!

When it comes to cookware, you can’t go wrong with cast ironA great set of cast iron pots and pans is an investment.

As a matter of fact, it is so durable, it is the favored choice for camping and cooking outdoors, too.

With care and a little maintenance, you can use and enjoy your cast iron cookware for years and years to come. It really comes down to how you take care of it and store it that impacts the longevity of cast iron.

Storing your cast iron cookware? Keep reading to learn how!


How to Store Cast Iron for Camping

It is vital that it is clean, dry, and seasoned before storage. Also, never store your cast iron pots and Dutch oven with the lids on — keep them separate. Hanging cast iron is a good way to keep it between camping trips, too, as are special-made bags intended for storing cast iron Dutch ovens.


Storing your Cast Iron Cookware

Taking care of your cast iron pots and pans extends to time spent in storage when your cast iron could be most vulnerable to the elements that do the most harm.

Some of the most recommended tips for taking care of cast iron include the following.

  • Store cast iron without the lids on. Store the lids separately.
  • Make sure cast iron cookware is clean and fully dry prior to storing.
  • Season the cast iron cookware before you store them.

It is also integral that the place you store your cast iron pots and pans is dry, too. A hot, humid, or damp environment will not do — and in fact, it can cause your cast iron to rust and deteriorate.

Some people like to store their cast iron pans in their kitchen when not in use, on or inside your stove also works.

Here are some other ideas for storing your cast iron pots, pans, and Dutch ovens when not in use!

  • Pot and Pan Hangers
  • Dutch Oven Storage Bags
  • Skillet Tote Bags with Reinforced Handles
  • Plastic Totes with Wheels or Specialty Boxes
  • Milk Crates

Before packing cast iron in these types of containers, line the vessel with towels, paper, or even linens like pillowcases.

Plus, this will help to keep dirt and debris out of the storage container and away from your cast iron pots and pans.


Packing your Cast Iron Cookware

When you are ready to go camping, make sure to pack up your cookware carefully before heading out. While cast iron is durable and resilient, it could be scratched during transit.

For instance, if you are driving over bumpy roadways, you run the risk of damaging your cast iron pots and pans.

Plus, padding your cookware reduces the risk of the cast iron scratching something else that you have packed for the camping trip!

When you are at camp, be sure to protect your cast iron from water, moisture, dew, and humidity, as well.

It is amazing how fast cast iron will turn orange and rust — though there are some tips that you can utilize to remove these stains if necessary.

Some recommend putting a round piece of cardboard or a metal pan, like a pizza pan, in the bottom of the box or bag for your Dutch oven to sit on.

This creates stability that will also allow for other pieces of your cast iron to be stored and transported in the same vessel securely.


Frequently Asked Questions about How to Store Cast Iron for Camping


What’s the best way to store cast iron cookware?

The best way to store your cast iron pots and pans is to make sure they are clean, seasoned, and fully dry first. Also, store your cast iron only in clean and dry places.


Can you use cast iron pans while camping?

Cast iron is perfect for camping due to its high-heat tolerance, durability, and longevity. Food cooked over a campfire in cast iron simply tastes better!


Is it safe to leave a cast iron pan on the stove?

It is generally safe to leave a cast iron pan on the stove for storage. Moisture is the real issue for cast iron so be careful to store your cast iron in a dry place.


Is seasoning necessary for your cast iron pan?

Seasoning is how you make a cast iron pan non-stick. Plus, seasoned pans are less likely to rust. It is always recommended that you season your cast iron cookware prior to storing it.


What kind of oil is best when seasoning cast iron?

Any kind of cooking oil or clean fat can be used to season your cast iron cookware. Some suggestions include vegetable oil, canola spray, or melted vegetable shortening.


What’s the proper way of seasoning your cast iron pan?

Heat your clean, dry pan in a warm oven- 200 degrees Fahrenheit or higher- for at least five minutes after wiping the inside lightly (but thoroughly) with oil. Heating it in the oven removes any residual moisture. You can repeat this process as needed, particularly if your cast iron is brand-new.



If you camp, cast iron cookware is a smart and long-lasting investment to make.

Use these tips to season and store your cast iron pots and pans — and ensure that they are in great shape for years to come.

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