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How to Clean Camping Stove Like a Pro Camper

How to Clean Camping Stove Like a Pro Camper

If you’re like me, then your camping stove gets a lot of use.

You probably cook on it every time that you go out into the wilderness to enjoy nature and all that it has to offer.

But with all this cooking, your stove can accumulate grease, dirt, and debris over time.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to clean the grime off! Check out these detailed instructions for how to clean your camping stove.


How to Clean Your Camping Stove

You can clean a camping stove by removing the burners and then handwashing the cooktop, burners, and case with a warm soapy water mixture. Turn your stove upside down when drying and put the stove together when all parts are completely dry.


Preparing Your Camping Stove

Before actually cleaning your camping stove you’ll want to remove some of the parts.

Remove the grill piece along with the burners too. You’ll want to remove these pieces so you can get a better clean on the actual stovetop.

You’ll also want to take a dry cloth and just brush away any pieces of debris. You want to get all the smaller pieces of debris away before you start scrubbing to get the grime and grease off.

You could even use a dampened cloth to remove some of the dirt and debris before going all out with a sponge.

When all of your pieces are separated and you’ve gotten rid of the bigger pieces of debris, you’re ready to start cleaning.


Cleaning Your Camping Stove

I recommend starting with the stovetop first.

It doesn’t make a huge difference, but if you can clean the stovetop first, then it has some extra time to dry while you clean the smaller pieces.

You’re better off using just soap and warm water to clean all of your pieces because anything too abrasive and may damage the stove.

Harsh chemicals can remove fire-resistant paint or coatings that have been added to your cooking equipment.

Soap and water will be good enough to work with your stove if you use a dish sponge and scrub thoroughly.

Once you’ve cleaned the entire stovetop, leave it to hang upside down somewhere around the site. You want to make sure to remove any excess water that may have gathered from your cleaning.

Move on to the grill and the burners. Use your soap water mixture to scrub the pieces thoroughly as well.

Use a toothpick or paper clip to poke through the holes in the burner.

This will get out all the excess food debris that gets stuck and prevents the fire from coming through. The excess food can cause uneven cooking if too many of the burner holes are clogged.

Leave the pieces to try completely before assembling your camping stove back together.


Maintaining Your Camping Stove

Storing your stove away when it’s not in use could be just as useful as cleaning it throughout the year.

Instead of your stove being exposed to the weather and possibly getting damaged in the offseason, storing it away will extend its lifecycle.

One of the best things to do for your stove is to place it back in the packaging originally used for storing it.

The packaging could take up more space than you’re used to but it will ensure the stove doesn’t take any unnecessary beatings.

If the original packaging’s missing, you can find a durable bag to stick the stove in. A two-gallon Ziplock bag or a trash bag will work well.

Just make sure to tie the bag off so that no mice or insects end up finding their way inside.


When to Know You Need a New Camping Stove

If you ever see any kind of deterioration in the parts of your stove, it’s time to get a new one.

Each stove is specifically designed for all the pieces to be in tip-top shape in order to work correctly.

If some of your pieces are damaged or corroding, it could cause a gas leak or other potential hazards.

There might also be too much grease build-up over time on your stove causing it to not work properly or become a hazard itself.

Grease is flammable so if you have too much buildup it could cause a spontaneous fire. Grease and food debris could also be caked onto your burners.

If too much build-up happens on your burners it will keep the flames from coming through. This would mean you would have uneven cooking or your burner might not work at all.

If you’re experiencing any of these advanced problems from not cleaning your stove, it’s time to invest in a new one.


Frequently Asked Questions about How to Clean Camping Stove


How Do I Clean Grease Off My Camping Stove?

You don’t want to use any heavy-duty chemicals on your stove so the best way to get grease is to let your stove soak in warm water. The longer you let it soak, the more the grease will break down, making it easier to clean off.


What’s the Best Way to Clean the Camping Stove’s Burners?

Using a toothbrush is one of the best ways to clean burners because the bristles can go in between each of the burner holes. You can also use a toothpick or a paperclip to clean in the holes of the burner.


Making Sure Your Camping Stove Lasts

Your camping stove can get an extended period of life if you clean it and take care of it well.

Removing all the pieces and cleaning them with some warm water and soap is all you need.

Make sure to store it way properly too so that nothing happens to it in the offseason.

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