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How to Wash your Face while Camping — Top Tips!

How to Wash your Face while Camping — Top Tips!

While camping is, without a doubt, a huge amount of fun, it’s not always the most convenient set-up in terms of skin hygiene.

Personally, I always feel more ready to take on the day when I’m fresh-faced and fancy-free. For this reason, I’ve looked into different ways to wash your face while camping.

I’m pleased to report I’ve discovered some minimal-fuss methods that not only clean your face but protect it too.


How to Wash your Face While Camping

To wash your face, dampen your cloth with water and apply some cleanser directly to the fabric. Gently clean your face by massaging the lotion into your skin. Then, rinse your washcloth before wiping down your face to remove the cleanser.


Washing your Face on the Go

Even though, for the most part, the idea is to “rough it” while camping, it’s still important that we try to maintain good skin health.

A build-up of dirt and sweat can harm the delicate skin of the face, even causing infections and breakouts in some cases.

Never fear. Skincare is surprisingly easy to maintain on the go, regardless of whether you’re far from home or in an area with minimal resources.

When camping, your priorities should be keeping your skin clean and moisturized and protecting it from the harsh rays of the sun.


Skincare Items to Pack

Your approach to skincare on a camping trip should be to minimize your routine to the bare necessities.

Focus on preventing any harm your face may be exposed to and eradicating a build-up of dirt.

In this regard, I recommend that you pack a hat, sunglasses, and perhaps a buff to minimize sun exposure.

Pack a good quality face wash for cleansing, soft facecloths (baby washcloths are usually gentler than those marketed to adults), and bottled water.

If you know you’ll have access to fresh water, packing extra is not a necessity.

To dry your washcloths, throw in a few clothespins.

If you’re planning to wear a little mascara or a tinted moisturizer, pack some gentle facial wipes in your backpack, they’re very useful and easy on the skin.

You can also pack a small, antibacterial toner, especially if you’re prone to having breakouts or acne.

Most importantly, pack a good moisturizer and plenty of water-resistant sunscreen. This is your greatest immunity against skin damage.


Cleaning your Face While Camping

Once your day has concluded, it’s time to wash your face. These easy skincare steps won’t take you more than a few minutes and go a long way to making your skin feel fresh.

If you’re wearing any make-up, start the cleansing process by removing it using facial wipes. Don’t pull on your skin or wipe it harshly.

Instead, hold the wipe in place for a moment or two to let the make-up dissolve and transfer off.

Next, wet your washcloth and apply some cleansing location directly to the fabric.

Using circular motions, massage the face wash into your skin. This lifts and removes the day’s sunscreen, sweat, and dirt.

Once you’ve covered your whole face, rinse your washcloth thoroughly and wipe off the cleanser. Again, it’s important that you work gently with the skin of your face to prevent hurting or damaging it.

For those prone to breakouts, you can now apply your antibacterial toner.

Otherwise, a bit of moisturizer works well and rehydrates your skin after staying under the sun for a day.

To conclude, wash and wring out your facecloth and hang it up to dry.

In the morning, before setting about the day, you can repeat the washing process to remove any impurities that may have occurred during the night.

If you don’t feel it’s necessary, simply apply your moisturizer and a good cover of water-resistant sunscreen.

I cannot stress how vital sunscreen is, as sun exposure wreaks havoc on the face.

However, cleansing is almost equally as important, as a build-up of sunscreen after a long day can clog your pores and irritate or damage your skin.

Remember to cover up with your hat and sunglasses, and then you’re good to go.


Frequently Asked Questions about How to Wash Your Face While Camping


How frequent should I reapply sunscreen to my face?

If you’re spending the whole day outdoors, applying sunscreen every two hours is the best. If you’re swimming, apply immediately after exiting the water. This process is important, even if it’s a cloudy day. The sun’s rays break through clouds easily and can damage your skin just as much as when it’s sunny.


How can I treat my skin when it breaks out while camping?

Whatever you do, don’t squeeze or pick at spots to avoid scarring. If you have access to warm water, you can dampen a clean washcloth and apply warmth to any fluid or pus-filled lesions to draw out the infection. Then, use a spot-drying treatment. If you’re prone to breakouts, always pack a treatment like benzoyl peroxide.


Can I wear make-up while camping?

If you’re committed to keeping your skin clean and fresh by following a daily cleansing routine, there’s no reason why you can’t apply simple make-up. Generally speaking, it’s best to keep it natural and toned down so that you don’t have build-up irritating your eyes or clogging your pores.



Camping is a fun and exciting way to reconnect with nature, but there’s no reason why we can’t hang on to some fundamental parts of our skincare routines.

This way, you know you’re keeping your body healthy while still adventuring to your heart’s content.

And the best part is, it’ll only take you a few minutes and minimal packing space. Skin safety first.

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